Cheshire Hall

Two Word NPC

A Tool for generating (hopefully) interesting people in taverns


This is a generator derived from the contributions of the people on this G+ post by David Black.


You enter the tavern and see the following ne'er do wells...

  • Satan thief
  • Shifty lass
  • Repo villain
  • Infested tavernwench
  • Gibbering anrchist
  • Sorcerer's seaman
  • Random poet
  • Rusty fetishist
  • Shaky nun
  • Junk poet
  • Boisterous supplicant



Each time you hit the Generate button, a new set of combinations are generated, using the first and last words from the various contributions. You may also refresh the page, or click/tap the list itself.

On a computer or with a device with a stylus, hovering over the names gives credit to the person who posted the first and second parts.